Mark Stone + Associates Team


markstone + associates are financial modelling and reporting consultants with a focus on data integrity and delivering results for our clients. We simplify the way complex decisions are made by developing tailored budgeting, financial and forecasting modelling systems.

We are spreadsheet specialists using Microsoft Excel and vba to achieve robust, automated solutions for our clients.


Systems built / services include,

  • financial, budget and cash forecasting models,
  • dashboard and management / financial reporting,
  • HR metrics reporting,
  • pricing and costing systems,
  • spreadsheet productivity tools and add-ins, as well as
  • mentoring spreadsheet designers.

Our points of difference include :

  • being very easy to deal with,
  • highly personalized on-site service,
  • multi-user and multi-scenario systems in MS Excel.
  • superior ways of automating excel with our extensive code library.
  • unique ways of data storage within excel - giving multiuser functionality and database levels of flexibility.
  • advanced mathematical / statistical skills (one colleague is an Actuary), eg mathematical regression models

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