Smart Tools + Spreadsheet Calculators

Wood input cost minimization tool


  • Uses optimization process to direct wood resources
  • Minimizes operating cost by directing a scarce resource to the optimal location
  • Operates within a set of process constraints on permitted wood uses and machine capacities

Oracle Report Format Tool


  • Reformats a basic Oracle system report to presentation level quality

Free Excel Productivity Tool

Our standard tool has the following features

  • Shows path to active workbook
  • Applies standard print setups to single and multi sheets
  • Saves all open files
  • Formats case of selected text as upper lower or proper
  • Multi sheet protect/unprotect and hide/unhide
  • Multi cell precedents and dependents
  • Applies standardised formats
  • Lists all sheet names in active workbook


Free Productivity Tool (Installation Instructions)

Please note we can customize a tool for clients on an individual basis. This might include a standardized print format tool for all staff within a division.